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So basically I've been around on Deviantart for four years now. I've moved from these two accounts and I even have had an account that was deleted by myself at one point when I moved the first time. The accounts I had/have still are :iconbroken-fighter: and this account in itself.
Basically I moved because I didn't like those usernames anymore and to signify a change of sorts at one point. Plus it's just generally good to have a good clean out where you can have a completely fresh start and keep your watchers a little more active in a sense so that way you're not stuck watching an account that's five years old and hasn't been updated for four of those years.
I was already drawing a year prior to coming to deviantart, but then I obviously came along so that way I could watch other artists I was coming across.
Here's some examples of art I was doing through those years and it's been a wonderful amount of time here on deviantart.


finished-slow version by Broken-Fighter animation 1 by Broken-Fighteroc-done-name i guess...marcus by Broken-Fighter


(At this time at about more than half that year I moved from that account. That December my brother died of bone cancer after being sick from august to at that point when he died and doctor's said they couldn't really help him around that time frame. Because of this even, august to february are still not a good time for me in general because of these events that happened at that time and I have major anxiety issues over it today and why I don't really talk about it much, but right now I'm feeling that I should here lately because cancer in general is a really bad thing.)
lovely ashy by Broken-Fighterbest cat ive ever drawn :P by Broken-FighterHe's gone .::VeNT::. by Shi-No-HoyoiNSaNiTY - color bg- by Broken-Fighter2011 art summary meme by Broken-Fighter


(I started up the new account well as I got Paint Tool Sai with my laptop that year.)
karkles Vantas by Shi-No-Hoyo121108-163906 by Shi-No-HoyoINeedName Commission by Shi-No-Hoyo2012 summary by Broken-Fighter


Young Longtail by Shi-No-HoyoPrincess Mi Amore Cadenza by Shi-No-HoyoFries Cat by Shi-No-Hoyo2013 Art Summary by Shi-No-Hoyo


Sasukefan1029 Request by Shi-No-HoyoKirawo Request 1 by Shi-No-HoyoIncubus America Design by Rainydaytree

Thank you very much for either looking at this or reading this really long thing.
I've moved on over to Rainydaytree
I'll be putting everything here, except commissions and requests into stash.
I've already began watching people from here over there even uwu
So I've been thinking awhile... I really need a fresh new start. Just completely everywhere. I'm just really tired of the My Little Pony fandom lately as well as more. However, they will all hold some sort of place in my heart. I just can't go on like this. I did have some legit plans of things to do on here as well as other places, however I'm just so very tired of all of this. I'll probably be linking everywhere to my Art only tumblr, my new deviantart, and... I suppose I'll just end up keeping my reblog tumblr.. I just can't handle this sort of thing anymore. I suppose I'll start new ask blogs in the future. However, right now I can't handle the My Little Pony fandom anymore. Or should I say Brony fandom?
Just in general, I would like to say that I'm sorry if I didn't quite meet the expectations everyone probably expected. I'll be reblogging everything from here as well as my other blogs.. However, by summer they're for sure going down. So if you do want to see more of my work, I suggest you go and find the post for that that will be going on soon.
No, this hasn't transpired because of anon hate or anything. I just need a new start again.
As always, thanks for reading these text posts and I hope to be seeing everyone again soon.

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